Our mission

Mission Statement

Genius School seeks to create learning opportunities, using the world of children, neighbourhood and communities as the venue of discovery. The school creates an environment of interaction with nature, fosters critical thinking and questioning in and out of class in accompaniment with rigorous assessment, and promotes collaborative and cooperative learning culture.

Genius School is determined to develop and encourage greater international mindedness and is committed to equipping individual students with knowledge and skills required to cope with the potential challenges of the 21st century. We instill values in children to aid them see themselves as an important member of the global community; develop a sense of responsibility towards it, and exhibit personal concern for the people, cultures and the living and non-living components of the nature. We encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.



We see our children growing up to be respectful adults. To this end, children at Genius are taught to have consideration and compassion for others’ rights and needs. Children are guided to treat others the way they want to be treated themselves.


We want children to be accountable for their actions and behaviors and own their mistake when they make one.  Genius school believes responsible children can make ethical citizens of tomorrow.


We believe most issues in the world can be resolved not with one genius but with the amalgamation of multiple geniuses, for which collaboration is instrumental. We strive to develop children who are ready to take a variety of roles in group as per their interests and ability. Therefore, children are taught to be both leaders and followers.


We encourage and facilitate our children to set realistic and viable goals for themselves so that they can explore their full potential. Allowing children to identify their strength and weaknesses and helping them push their limits to achieve their excellence is of prime value at Genius.


Is there a birthdate requirement for Kindergarten?

A Kindergarten student should be five years old before September 1 of his Kindergarten year.

Does Collegiate offer financial aid?

Financial aid, based on need, is available at all grade levels, K-12. Financial aid includes tuition support as well as consideration for various Collegiate programs that enrich the experience of the student and encourage the participation of his family in the life of the school.

Is tuition all-inclusive?

The Admissions Office will call to schedule an applicant visit and parent interview after the application is received and filed. Applicants to Grades 1-4 may contact the Admissions Office regarding opportunities for enrollment. Appointments are scheduled only when there is an opportunity for enrollment in the grade.

When do decision letters go out?

As a member of ISAAGNY, Collegiate subscribes to the following notification dates: Kindergarten: Friday, February 7 Grades 1-8: Tuesday, February 4 Grades 9-12: Thursday, February 13

Lower School Application Process

Parents of applicants to Kindergarten – Grade 4 tour the school in small groups. To schedule a parent tour (offered September – January) submit a Tour Request.

If applying for financial aid –

File the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Services By NAIS (sssbynais.org/parents). Collegiate.

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Dynamic educational community

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