Services and Facilities

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July 2024

International Standard Classrooms

We have spacious, well-resourced, and children friendly classrooms that allow movement and diverse seating arrangements as per the need of lessons. Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities and modern teaching aids. The classroom resources are easily accessible to children and are replenished timely to ensure unhindered learning.

Well-resourced Library

A well-resourced library with an extensive range of reference books, fiction and non-fiction, daily newspapers, periodicals, magazines, current journals, national and international educational reports, and an e-library with multimedia facilities is another biggest strength of our school. Our library is adequately spacious to accommodate 50 children using the facility at a time.

Spacious Playground

Playgrounds are the perfect place for children to engage in free play and are vital for children’s physical, social and emotional development. Spread over a vast land area, we have a very capacious school campus which can accommodate an assembly of 600 students at once.

Swimming Pool

Genius School has its own mini-Olympic Size swimming pool where children can master the skill and art of swimming with absolute safety under the supervision of our own swimming instructor and lifeguard within a highly flexible schedule.

Futsal and Basketball Court

As we continue to adhere to the commitment to quality education for holistic development, we provide a high standard infrastructure with our own ultra-modern futsal ground and a standard size basketball court within the school campus which is easily accessible to students at any time.


Children can fully explore their potential when they have everyday access to the platform to showcase their talents. To this end, the school has its own auditorium that lies adjacent to the main building and has a capacity of 250 audiences. The auditorium facility uses high-quality light and sound systems, which enables children to bring their performance and character to life.

Art and Craft

The school has a strong tradition of teaching through and about art which enriches the experience of students while at school and prepares them for life after school. To encourage self-expression and creativity and build a sense of individual identity, our art and craft room is endowed with diverse creative resources and materials that children have easy access to.


The school is committed to providing healthy and hygienic meals to our children. We are aware that a variety of well-balanced and nutritious diets is an absolute requirement for both the physical and intellectual growth of children. Meals are prepared under optimum hygienic conditions in our modern kitchen by trained staff under the direction/supervision of a professional chef and a dietitian.

Health Services

The school has an infirmary service to ensure that students remain safe at school. The infirmary attends to minor illnesses and injuries and provides first aid service to any student in need. In cases of serious injury or illness, parents are notified and the student is referred to a nearby hospital.

Annual School Excursion

Annual School Excursion is another dimension to our teaching and learning to enrich our children’s experience by giving them exposure to various places in and outside Kathmandu valley where they delve into nature, culture, and day-to-day lives of the local community.

Parental guidance and Counseling

We provide counseling services focusing on the personal and intellectual development of our children. The counseling service is aimed at helping students, parents, and teachers develop positive experiences as a part of the school community so that everyone can contribute in the best possible way to the development of our children.

Outdoor Education (Field Trips)

We believe that outside-the-classroom exposures such as field trips are integral parts of the curriculum. The purpose of these activities is to teach our children through self-involvement using primary resources. While these exposures make children aware of our culture, tradition, and nature, they also provide ample opportunities for them to polish various life skills.


The school provides standard transportation service to the children ensuring their safety and comfort. Each school vehicle is driven by an experienced driver and is accompanied by an assistant. These members of staff are professional and adequately trained to ensure that the students are safe as they travel to the school vehicles.